13 Ways:Sex-Drive Killers Slideshow

Sex-Drive Killer: Having Kids

You do not lose your intercourse drive as soon as you are a discern. However, you do lose a while to be close with kids under foot. Hire a babysitter to nurture some time to be partners as well as dad and mom. New toddler? Try intercourse for the duration of infant’s nap time.

Sex-Drive Killer: Medication

Some capsules can flip down preference. They encompass a number of those styles of medicinal drugs:

Blood pressure medications
Birth manage pills (a few research display a hyperlink; others do not)
Anti-HIV capsules
Switching tablets or dosages may additionally assist — ask your physician about that and in no way forestall taking any medication on your personal. Tell your doctor, too, if your sex drive stalls quickly after you begin taking a brand new drug.

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