13 Ways:Sex-Drive Killers Slideshow

Sex-Drive Killer: Depression

Being depressed can close off satisfaction in many stuff, including intercourse. That’s one in every of many motives to get help. If your treatment involves remedy, tell your health practitioner in case your intercourse drive is low, due to the fact a few (but no longer all) depression pills decrease intercourse power. Talk approximately it together with your therapist, too.

Sex-Drive Killer: Menopause

For many girls, sex drive dims round menopause. That’s partly approximately symptoms along with vaginal dryness and pain at some stage in sex. But each girl is one of a kind, and it is feasible to have a brilliant sex existence after menopause by using tending on your dating, self esteem, and universal fitness.

Sex-Drive Killer: Lack of Closeness

Sex without feeling near can slay desire. Intimacy is greater than simply sex. If your sex existence is idling, try spending more non-sexual time collectively, simply the 2 of you. Talk, snuggle, trade massages. Find ways to explicit love without having sex. Getting nearer can rebuild your sex power.

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