6 Skin-Care Tips Men Should Always Follow, According to Peter Kraus

Think men don’t care approximately their skin? Think once more. The marketplace for male skin care is growing; in one 2017 survey by way of Mintel, the men’s grooming enterprise noticed a 1.1 percentage increase from the preceding 12 months, and nearly -thirds of men (64 percentage) claimed to use facial products. In truth, one 2017 survey through Groupon suggests that men spend nearly as tons money on splendor products as women.

But is men’s pores and skin any one of a kind than girls’s? The quick answer is sure.

Men do face unique problems with their skin, in keeping with Jennifer Gordon, MD, of Westlake Dermatology in Austin, Texas. The biggest difference, she says, has to do with oil glands and facial hair. “The multiplied oil production within the skin can lead to improved acne lesions and sure rashes (seborrheic dermatitis), however leaves them less at risk of dry skin.” So at the same time as men’s and women’s skin-care workouts are the equal (Dr. Gordon indicates that each males and females use “a facial purifier at least twice each day, a moisturizer, solar protection, and a retinol at night”), they aren’t necessarily equal.

To assist shed a few mild on male skin care, we talked to Peter Kraus, the gap-toothed fan favored and runner-up from Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette. Since their devastating breakup ultimate August (#stillupset), Kraus has achieved many stuff, specifically turning down the role as America’s next bachelor, which was as captivating as it changed into disappointing. But nowadays, Kraus runs his personal health and wellbeing logo, PKFit, wherein he excursions the us of a to run boot camps and share hints on vitamins, fitness, and pores and skin take care of finest wellness.

Here are guidelines the previous model thinks each man need to encompass in his skin-care ordinary:

6 Skin-Care Tips Men Should Always Follow

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