Call Of Duty Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile has been recently launched and established many records from the beginning itself. It is a battle royale game, while gameplay, you can select your shooting mode between first person and third person. Like any other battle royale game, here also the last man standing wins, but in other aspects, this game differs a lot.

Graphics provided in the game are superb.

You can play this game in the squad as well as in solo mode. There are various themes provided as a dark theme. Aero planes will drop you at your selected location from the map, and then your game begins.

While playing games, you will easily get access to vehicles as well as you can use helicopters to move about the zone. You can also shot down an enemy helicopter from the ground. Gun is little advanced in this game. With comparison to other battle royale games, this one is a little tougher as at the beginner level also you will meet some pro players. Also, getting loot is not that easy in this game — features like sliding while running will help you save yourself from the enemy’s bullets.

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