Here’s How To Stop A Heart Attack In 60 Seconds, You Must React Fast

Many people don’t recognize that one easy however robust factor is capable of prevent heart attack in just one minute.
John Christopher, a famous herbalist, located the maximum green system to prevent coronary heart attack in a minute. There are over 50 such formulation however this one grew to become out to be the maximum efficient. Although he isn’t always a medical doctor, his contributions for the alternative medicine are very vital.

Here’s How To Stop A Heart Attack In 60 Seconds, You Must React Fast

The secret element he observed is the cayenne pepper! He knew that it could prevent heart assaults in a minute, and also he says that this technique works wonderful. Cayenne is the maximum well-known kind of chilli pepper. Always have a few cayenne pepper at home – it could keep a lifestyles with the aid of preventing a heart attack.

How to Use the Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne contains as a minimum ninety,000 warmness units. Habanero, Thai Chi, African Bird, Jamaican Hot Pepper, Scotch Bonet and Jalapeño are types of peppers with the equal warmth value. You should buy cayenne pepper from a supermarket, healthful food store and oriental stores.

If you’ve got cayenne pepper in the kitchen, deliver it to someone this is having a coronary heart attack with a glass of water. But the patient desires to be conscious.

If the patient is subconscious, then you could want to use cayenne extract. Add more than one drops below the patient’s tongue for excellent outcomes.

Cayenne is a sturdy stimulant; it speeds up the coronary heart price and carries the blood for the duration of the frame, balancing the stream. Cayenne has a hemostatic impact, immediately stops the bleeding and enables the recovery in sufferers that suffered a heart assault.

Health specialists claim that they’ve never misplaced a affected person because of this remedy.

Dr Schulz’s Recipe for Cayenne pepper Tincture

This tincture is a good solution for an emergency case of a coronary heart attack. Use just cayenne pepper, which is the most enormous kind of chili pepper; it grows in South America and India.

Chili is a tropical perennial plant. Ground chili is 20 times stronger than the normal pepper, due to its high concentration of capsaicin. The warmth of chili is inversely proportional to its length, so the smallest one are frequently the hottest. Always opt for this type.


• Powdered cayenne pepper
• 2 sparkling cayenne peppers
• 50 in line with cent alcohol (you may use vodka)
• Gloves
• A bottle


1. Put at the gloves to your safety.

2. Fill 1/4 of the bottle with powdered cayenne pepper. Pour enough alcohol in order that it covers the cayenne powder.

3. Mix the peppers in a blender with enough alcohol so you get a denser consistency. Pour this mixture inside the bottle in order that ¾ of it is crammed.

4. Fill the bottle to its pinnacle with 50% alcohol and close it. Shake is couple of times during the day.

5. Let the tincture stay in a dry and dark place for 15 days after which strain it. Keep the very last tincture in a darker bottle.

If you need a stronger tincture, allow it stay for 3 months earlier than straining it.

6. Keep it in a darkie and dry area. It will in no way get spoiled.

Dr. Schulz’s Dosage Recommendation

Give approximately 7 drops of this tincture to a aware affected person who had a stroke or a coronary heart attack. Give the patient another

7 drops after five minutes. Repeat this manner till the condition of the affected person improves.

If the affected person isn’t conscious, place 2 drops of this tincture below the tongue, and begin doing CPR. Repeat this process each 5 minutes until the circumstance of the affected person improves.

Health Benefits

• Cayenne can also be used for the remedy of other health troubles.
• It has strong anti fungal residences; cayenne pepper prevents Colletotrichum and Pomopsis.
• It is popular for its beneficial effect at the digestive tract, since it turns on the production of gastric juices, and also relieves gasoline.
• Cayenne has anticancer houses, and it’s especially advocated for people who smoke and sufferers with lung cancer. It is concept that capsaicin can prevent the improvement of tumor resulting from cigarettes and comparable effects were found in humans with liver most cancers.
• Also, it’s useful for the remedy of stomach issues, migraines, flu signs and symptoms, hypersensitive reactions, obesity, redness, arthritis and toothache.

Nutritional Value

Researchers confirmed that there are 26 nutrients contained in cayenne pepper. Zinc, calcium, magnesium and selenium are amongst maximum crucial minerals contained in cayenne peppers. Apart from minerals, cayenne pepper is wealthy in nutrition A and C.

Cayenne pepper is most of the maximum powerful herbal spices and is fabulous to your coronary heart. If you’re having coronary heart problems, usually maintain a number of this tincture to hand.

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