Try out Minecraft, the blocky, and procedurally – generated 3D world full of tools and build structure will take you to another level of fun.

Analyze the Minecraft

Did you know about the video game that has 91 million active fans across the globe? The best- selling video game, Minecraft, sold nearly 180 million copies covering all platforms. The blocky, and procedurally – generated 3D world full of tools and build structure will take you to another level of fun.

The achievement list of this game is long. It is one of the most prominent and most significant video game of all time. The main reasons behind the popularity of Minecraft are Social Media, parodies, merchandise, etc. The game has many spin-off games, such as Minecraft: Story Mode, Minecraft Dungeons, and Minecraft Earth. Minecraft has many facts related to it, which are fun to know.

Features of Minecraft

• Super Fancy Graphics
• Full Split Liquid From Blocks

Tricks to Play Minecraft Smartly

• Ensure to Zombie-Proof your doors
• Utilize the torches to Farm Sand/Gravel Blocks

Fun Facts about Minecraft

• Fact 1: Before the official launch of Minecraft, this game was renamed five times

Have you ever come across a situation where you felt confused about what name you should select before the official announcement? Yes, this same thing also happened with the developers of the Minecraft before launching it officially.

Let’s have a brief overview of the terminology of this game from the start. In the beginning, the plan was to name it as ‘Classic.’ Yes, can you believe that your adored game Minecraft was going to be called this at first?

The story does not end here. Later, when the prototype conceptualization happened, the plan changed to call it ‘Pre-classic.’ Later on, during the development phase, one more name came to the mind of developers, which was ‘Cave Name,’ and this name lasted for weeks. Further, just before some time of the launch of the game, it got the name ‘Minecraft: Order of the stone.’ But all thanks to the marketing strategy that the game is now famous as ‘Minecraft.’

• Fact 2: It Is A Creative Educational Digital Tool!

Don’t feel shocked; it’s time to feel proud if you are playing Minecraft for a long time. Yes, the game is also a digital educational tool. Where some games are becoming a reason for concern to some parents, Minecraft is doing just the opposite. You might know several games that have abusive dialogues and graphics that a parent may not think is apt for their kids.

Minecraft is one such game that will change the perception of parents. The game is mainly about creating something out of the blocks. Just take an example, sub-urban village, amusement park, outer space, zoo, and many such things. The fact that it requires creativity and one has to utilize their thinking ability opens up the player to show their skills. In addition to these benefits, it also instills trading principles and a global perspective.

• Fact 3: Minecraft Is a Great Source of Income for Youtubers

If you have a Youtube channel, then you can reap out a lot of profit. Want to know how? The answer is just by playing. Who does not want a source of income that comes with thrill and fun along with it?

The easiest way to get money is by only playing the game and recording it to upload it later to the Youtube channel. The fan following of this game is vast; thus, you are not going to be in loss for sure.

• Fact 4: Many games are the inspirations of Minecraft

The idea of creating Minecraft first came into the mind of Markus ‘Notch’ Persson. He got highly inspired by other games such as Dwarf, Fortress, Infiniminer, and Dungeon Keeper. You might have also noticed that the gameplay of Minecraft is similar to these games.
Infiniminer is one of the primary inspirations. From the first-person aspect of the game, the block-building fundamentals, and the blocky visual style are few of the features of Minecraft that are relatable to Infiniminer.

• Fact 5: An educational organization based on Minecraft, named ‘MinecraftEdu.’

Intending to introduce Minecraft into the schools, in 2011, an educational organization formation took place. To make the game vastly affordable and accessible to school, a group worked with Mojang. The fantastic thing to know is that the MinecraftEdu includes unique features, which allow the teacher to analyze the growth and progress of students within the virtual world.

Not just this, a bunch of amazing and indulging activities was also there, which ultimately motivated the education and creative thinking of students. Subjects like history, science, and language arts were also taught with the use of the MinecraftEdu.

In addition to these fantastic uses of Minecraft, one more is the virtual tour of the hospital to patients. Yes, the Great Ormond Street Hospital used the game in a way that the patients can explore the hospital before they visit.

Price of Minecraft

The game enables you to learn and to think creatively, and you can get to experience this thrilling game only for $27.


These were five fantastic facts about Minecraft, the most adored game around the world.


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