Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of the kingdom is a game based on the history of the world. Here in the game, you can become a governor of any of the ancient civilizations. You can create your history, well the idea excites.

This game is a simulator game, where you are the king or queen of any land. The ancient era of civilizations inspires the game, hence war is an important part of it.

You can participate in the war to capture more lands or opt to build your civilization. You will be remembered for your work. In the game, you can make your allies and capture important strategic parts together. It is an MMO game, which also allows you to chat with your allies while gaming.

In the game, attackers are called barbarians and to defend your civilization from those attackers. You can build your troop army and train them. You can fight barbarians with your allies; you can send your troops to save your allies or surprisingly, attack the city of the attacker.

It is an online game where multiple players can play at a time. You can buy weapons, make buildings, and train your troops using earned coins from the war.

Rise of Kingdom let you dive in the ancient era of civilization. you can write your civilization from your hand. There are many things available in this game, which were only available in those days.

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