Heavily inspired by the world-famous .io game Agar.io, Slither.io is a beautiful reminiscent of the age-old arcade game snake and is available on the Android, iOS, and Internet Web Browsers. The game ever since its launch enjoyed huge popularity. Alexa lists the Slither.io web browser version as one of the most viewed websites of 2016.

The game has a very simple but captivating art-aesthetic. The ability to customize your worm and make it look different and unique has a wonderful feeling to it. Moving across the map in your own custom skin to become the largest worm on the map has a satisfying feeling to it.

Much like its art-style, the gameplay of the Slither.io is very simple as well. You are required to use your razor-sharp reflexes to increase the size of your worm. Venturing across the map in search of pallets to grow larger is an exhilarating process as you are constantly in a battle with other players, crashing in which, would kill you.

Players also have access to ability boosts that affect the worm’s performance, this adds a nice level of depth to the game.

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